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Килийский форум - форум г. Килия. Общение, объявления » Килийский форум. Добро пожаловать! » Политические дебаты » Если бы выборы были завтра... (Кого выбираем?)
Если бы выборы были завтра...
За какую партию Вы бы проголосовали на выборах в Верховную Раду?
1.Партия регионов (Янукович)[ 4 ][6.78%]
2.Наша Украина (Ющенко)[ 3 ][5.08%]
3.БЮТ (Тимошенко)[ 11 ][18.64%]
4.Единый центр (Криль)[ 0 ][0.00%]
5.Народная партия (Литвин)[ 0 ][0.00%]
6.Социалистическая партия (Мороз)[ 1 ][1.69%]
7.Коммунистическая партия (Симоненко)[ 4 ][6.78%]
8.Фронт перемен (Яценюк)[ 6 ][10.17%]
9.Другая партия[ 6 ][10.17%]
10.Против всех[ 24 ][40.68%]
Всего ответов: 59
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Цитата Leroy ()
Все они уроды! А особенно Порошенко!

Тебе сообщение из будущего
Порошенко проиграл в 2019том
SumosipДата: Вторник, 01.10.2019, 10:16:07 | Сообщение # 692
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Why do males masturbate and cum

new male sex toy

7 non-hormonal contraceptives you should know -
7 non-hormonal contraceptives you should know
Hormones play very important roles in functions
bodily and influence mood, behavior and, of course,
In the sexual life. Therefore, a possible lack of control of hormones has a
huge impact on daily life.
The number of women who use methods seems to be increasing
non-hormonal contraceptives, as a way to prevent pregnancy (without altering the
own hormonal balance) and prevent the spread of
diseases of
sexual transmission (STD).
1. Male condoms
Probably the most popular contraceptive method in the entire
world, the
condoms are “covers” of
latex lining the penis during sex.
Pros and cons:
They are cheap and easy to use and are only needed at the moment
of sex “They prevent both pregnancy and the spread of diseases
Sexually transmitted They sell them everywhere: from dispensing machines
at the doors of pharmacies, supermarkets or bathrooms
cocktail bars. There are different shapes, textures, colors and even
flavors, which can add some fun to sex, ”says Dr.
In addition, it is the only contraceptive man can use to
Control your own fertility. But it also has disadvantages: “There is
latex allergy, the material with which it is usually manufactured. It is not
frequent, but if one of the two is allergic you have to resort to condoms
without latex, made from polyurethane, ”adds Elena. Other
inconvenient is that they can slide off the penis and, if this happens, to avoid
any concern would have to resort to contraception of
Related Article
What happens to the body when you stop taking the pill There are many aspects of the pill that are very little known
2. Female condoms
They are similar to the masculine ones, but instead of covering the
penis, are introduced into the vagina.
Pros and cons:
Like males, female condoms too
prevent STDs and pregnancy, and can be placed up to eight hours before
sex. If not used properly, the female condom may slip or look
pushed into the vagina; if this happens, we should also think about
emergency contraception.
“It is necessary to make sure that the penis is placed inside
of the condom, and not between him and the vagina, ”Elena warns. There is not so much
availability of female condoms, and it can be difficult to find them
out of pharmacies. In addition, they are more expensive.
A few years ago, the Ministry of Health undertook a
campaign to promote the use of the female condom, as a way of
increase female autonomy in the control of their sexuality. However, it is used
relatively little: it is estimated that only 1% of women.
3. Intrauterine devices (IUD)
IUDs are about
T-shaped devices, made of plastic, containing copper and which
introduced inside the uterus. Its function is to prevent the implantation of
egg in the womb The placement, in Spain, runs today by the
gynecologist, although there are studies that support its placement by nurses
Pros and cons:
IUDs are often recommended to women who cannot use
hormonal contraceptives, such as the pill, the hormonal implant, etc.
They provide a long-term solution, as it can remain placed until
ten years (depending on the type chosen). They do not interfere with fertility or
with sex life and have the advantage that you don't have to remember to take a
Daily pill to make them work.
“The effects of IUDs are not affected by the
health status or other medicines, as with other methods. But in
change does not protect against STDs and the rules may be tougher,
painful and long, ”adds Dr. Zaldívar.
They also have certain risks, although unlikely. During
the insertion can get an infection, they can become discolored or
move and there is a small chance that they will pierce the uterus. In case of
Pregnancy with an IUD in place, there is a risk of pregnancy

What sexy toys should men have for their partners

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Does masturbation decrease male testosterone

best new male sex toys

п»їAerobics classes are unisex: my experience
That's right, it seems that men run away in terror every time we hear the word aerobics, and nothing is further from reality. This physical practice has become one of the most demanded by more than half of the women who go to a gym for the first time. But now the best is coming, the number of men who try the classes has grown in recent years and most often return regularly.
I was surprised the first time I attended one. There I was, surrounded by women with tight tights prepared not to stop sweating during the 45 minutes that the class would last. I must admit that within ten minutes of starting I was about to throw in the towel, never better. Scenic fear could.
The rhythm of the music began to diminish the coordination of my movements, those dance steps seemed designed only for the feminine sex, and that every time seemed more complicated, and the worst thing was not only that, if not to be reflected in that macro mirror two meters high and ten meters wide and see how ducky a man could become. At that moment I understood why seeing Fernando Romay in Mira Who Baila was a “show”.
It took me a second chance, but that monitor and my desire to improve changed my opinion. So a week later I gave myself a second chance. The story changed radically, the coordination of my movements began to resemble the gear of a Swiss watch. I no longer followed the others, my body moved to the beat of Britney Spears's "Toxic" and I enjoyed sweating and laughing at every step I took.
The best is not just that. The amount of benefits that aerobics provides is longer than the list of the Goth Kings. You acquire a physical fund of incalculable price, and muscles every part of the body. Biceps, triceps, quadriceps, abs, twins, back and even the ass gets like a hard stone.
Of course, it is important to know that aerobics can be practiced at different levels, depending on the rhythm and intensity. If your sports center or gym offers the possibility of attending classes for "amateur people" it is ideal, since getting the first day in a class with an advanced level can become a nightmare.
The style of music can also vary according to the tastes of the audience we are addressing (salsa, funk, dance, batuka etc.). Today, there are numerous modalities, such as Step, GAP, Body Pump, belly dance or +30 (30 minutes of exercises to strengthen the abdomen). Everything consists of trying and deciding on one or all.
Among the benefits obtained I want to highlight the following:
Aerobic exercise increases endurance, gives us more physical background and strengthens the heart muscle, which at the same time is protecting us from numerous heart diseases
It offers us greater protection of the joints, allowing an improvement in bone tissue and giving a greater energy reserve to all muscles. It also prevents the occurrence of bone and joint-related diseases.
It also allows the increase in blood volume, the heart will pump better so that circulation is improved.
Increases the ability to burn carbohydrates, allowing greater tolerance of muscles to fatigue and injuries. This is one of the reasons why it becomes one of the most complete physical disciplines that exist
In addition to all these, reduce stress, improve emotional relationships and expand your circle of friendships. You don't know how many women you can get to know.
It greatly improves your ability to concentrate and coordinate, makes you more flexible and your body notices it, outside and inside.
Dare with this sport, you see that all are benefits, and forget that they say that it is only for women or that it is an exercise for gays. Nothing of that. Try even just one class, I assure you that you will not regret it.
Photo | Genzel
Via | Aerobics Sevilla
In Mensencia | Spinning classes: prepared to burn all calories

Why do men keep playing with toys

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К сожалению все они уже были при власти и ничего не показали
EllFusaДата: Пятница, 15.11.2019, 06:20:41 | Сообщение # 695
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У меня всегда были непослушные волосы. Боролась я с этим разными способами: масками , бальзамами, коррекцией питания. Итог если и был, то незначительный . Сестра посоветовала накопить на процедуру кератинового выпрямления. Заодно подсказала обратиться в
салон красоты телефон казань название не хочу говорить дабы не посчитали рекламой ( пишите в личку ) . Ее волосы мне всегда казались великолепными, так что и повода не верить не было. Обрадовалась, когда услышала, что выпрямления хватит на четыре месяца. Результат потрясающий . Никогда не думала, что смогу так великолепно выглядеть.
Сейчас же хожу на процедуры коррекции фигуры и массаж, конечно до желанного результата далековато, запустила себя сильно, но я намерена не останавливаться.
Отношение персонала в салоне красоты приятное, есть неподалеку парковка, что очень удобно.

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Vlad_UvarovДата: Четверг, 23.04.2020, 20:11:26 | Сообщение # 697
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Килийский форум - форум г. Килия. Общение, объявления » Килийский форум. Добро пожаловать! » Политические дебаты » Если бы выборы были завтра... (Кого выбираем?)
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